Debunking is evil

Today I have been sent another article about ‘real science’ or pure science.

I get a couple of these a month, because I have a lot of friends who are humanists, or atheists or scientists or several of the above.

Now, I am NOT a scientist. I am qualified in very little and none of it scientific.  However, I have two concerns with these items.

Firstly, homeopathic treatments work on horses and dogs. There is no placebo effect in a horse or a dog. They don’t understand that we are trying to help them when we rub stuff in or pour it down their throats. All they know is pain or no pain.

So it’s not proven that these things don’t work. It’s just proven that we don’t understand everything about them yet.

Secondly, and this is more serious, all these scientists devoting time, effort, money and resources to debunking stuff that works for some people, are not contributing to any cure, benefit or alleviation of actual illness, pain or harm. In fact, they are actively trying to REDUCE the possibilities open to people to deal with their problems and symptoms and chronic pain.

Now, I don’t care whether you have taken the Hippocratic oath or not, to devote your entire day to making the world an actively more painful, unpleasant place for as many people as possible, seems like a pretty poor use of your time.

If those scientists simply turned their time and effort towards trying to help, rather than farting about debunking other people’s work, we would be WAY further forward that we currently are.

It’s like criminals who invent elaborate scams to rob people. ¬†If they devoted all that thought and effort to legitimate business, they’d be millionaires by now.

The question you need to ask the mirror in the morning is whether the world is a BETTER place for you being in it for the past 24 hours. If all you have done is take away something that helps people, then the answer is probably “No”.

And if that is the case, you really need to reassess your life, because right now, you’re on the wrong side. And if you have a deity, he is definitely not impressed. And if you don’t, we, society, are not impressed either.

Stop working so hard to prove that something doesn’t work, and put some effort into making something that does.

[Apologies if you read some of this on Facebook, the one piece was born of the other].