It’s been said before…

..but not necessarily by me.

I recently purchased this amazing new device for reading.  It requires no charger, no case, it doesn’t stop working or become unreadable if you drop it, you can get it wet, sand does no harm to it whatsoever, nor chlorine. You can read it in direct sunlight, in the shade, even in the dark. When you’ve read it, you can give it to someone else, or leave it on a park bench or on a train for someone else. Or sell it or recycle it. you can wrap it up and give it as a present, with all the ceremony and joy that unwrapping stuff gives, the battery will not run out just as you get to a good bit.  It has no built in obsolescence.  In fact, it will last 100 years without needing an upgrade, software change or replacement parts or new batteries.  It is portable, lightweight and smells amazing. If it breaks, it can usually be fixed with a bit of sellotape. You can fill a shelf with similar products and they look great and insulate the walls at the same time.  You can put them in any order you like. You can’t accidentally delete them either. It can even have secondhand or antique value and you can give it to a charity shop so that they can raise funds by selling it to someone else.

Beware technology for technology’s sake.  Remember, not all progress is forwards.