Global warming and why it isn’t your fault

Dear Climate Change people (and your leaders, the IPCC), you don’t know even know WHETHER the Earth is warming, let alone by how much. You are frequently having to adjust and readjust your scaremongering, sorry, figures, because they rarely fits the facts (eradication of glaciers in 50 years, anyone?). I fail to comprehend why we allow you to publish anything at all in the mainstream media, because it will only have to be amended, retracted or rewritten in a bit. Here’s a couple of thoughts that may assist with your clearly pitiful research.

We are in an interglacial period of an ice age. Of COURSE we’re getting warmer. An ice age is when we have polar ice caps. We often DON’T. We will get warmer and cooler and warmer again until they are gone. GET OVER IT.

Humans have existed a while, but not long in the grand scheme of things. Homo erectus has been plodding about for around 1.3 million years,give or take. Our current ice age started about 2.5┬ámillion years ago and we have been having interglacials (where the planet warms up considerably) every 40,000 – 100,000 years or so ever since.

I recycle. I do my best to leave as little behind of me as possible that is not biodegradable. But, frankly, the planet’s core and the sun really don’t give a tinker’s cuss what i do. They may think me thoughtful, but the chances are, they don’t think of me at all.

The issue at hand is the stupidity of modern humans to build on and live on flood plains. THAT’s what needs solving. And that’s probably the only preventative measure we can realistically take. After all, approximately speaking, if the entire UK became zero emitting overnight, it would take China less than a day to compensate for our entire annual spewings. So stop ranting at us for over using our cars too much, and make some real suggestions that might make a meaningful difference. Like asking the world to come together to pay for the people of Carteret to be moved to somewhere less damp. THAT would make a difference. Me paying to use a plastic bag won’t make the slightest difference.