Halal meat – the lies you have been told

In late April/ early May 2014, a hoo-ha erupted in the British media, when someone at a red-top newspaper found out that halal meat was being sold to consumers without being labelled as such.  Basically, the chicken on your pizza was killed, but they disapproved of how and by whom.

This is not outrage at slaughter methods, it’s racism, pure and simple. Islamophobia, to be precise. And shame on everyone who perpetuated this drivel.

The arguments were summarised by Russell Brand in a video which can be watched here:  You’ll need to select from the PLAYLIST dropdown menu and go to video 23, episode 51. I can’t make it go direct to that one. It just defaults to the latest video, no matter what I do. Watch from around 1m20.

Bear with me. I wouldn’t normally agree with Russell Brand, but this time he is spot on.

Essentially, the Sun was up in arms about the use of halal chicken in pizza.

As Mr Brand points out, you’re eating a dead animal. You didn’t care (a) how it lived (b) THAT it died, so why would you care HOW it died? If it bothers you that something has died, don’t eat it. Don’t bitch about how.

The Sun states that the animals must be alive before they are killed by halal methods.  This is stupid. Of course it’s alive before you kill it. If it was dead before you killed it, you wouldn’t be killing it.

And just when you thought that the racist hypocrisy was confined to the red tops, up pops the RSPCA, to put it’s oar in.

Their pile of foetid, racist, hypocritical bile can be read here. For the more even-minded of you, you’ll be pleased to note that Jews get a dig as well in this piece. Enjoy. http://www.rspca.org.uk/ImageLocator/LocateAsset?asset=document&assetId=1232719611043&mode=prd

Now, you may read that article and wonder what is “foetid, racist and hypocritical” about it. It says how much religious slaughter is done in the UK and by what methods. And then why they think this is bad.

Consumers should have a choice about how their food died. By all means. If you want it to die a certain way, DO IT YOURSELF. If you’re delegating to someone else, that’s your decision. But they can choose whatever methods they please.

But this is not the hypocritical bit. The hypocritical bit is that they say, “We believe that animals should only be slaughtered under the most humane conditions”.  This is hypocrisy for two reasons:

1. Who made them the arbiter of what is humane and what is not? The halal and shechita methods are used because they are believed to BE the most humane method, as they cut off blood supply to the brain instantly. Stunning does not.  There are no statistics in the RSPCA or Sun articles about how many animals subjected to stunning are still conscious when the next bit happens.

2. And this is the important one. THE RSPCA KILLS ANIMALS EVERY DAY.

At least if you are killing an animal for food, there’s a reason, a justification.

This does not apply to the RSPCA.

They put down perfectly healthy animals every day, because they can’t afford to feed them and they haven’t been rehomed. They freely admit it. In fact on their website it states:

“Because there are too many animals and too few good homes available, sometimes we just cannot rehome animals that should be given another chance. Although we hate having to do it, we have no option but to put them to sleep.”

This is why the Dog’s Trust was founded, by the way. Their pledge is that they NEVER put a healthy dog down. Why would they need to exist if it wasn’t for the random slaughter by the RSPCA of its own house guests?

The RSPCA freely admits to killing over 1000 animals a year, just to save money!

The overall trend in the euthanasia of rehomeable cats and dogs has gone down over the past 20 years.In 2012 the number of rehomeable dogs euthanased dropped to 182 animals.The number of rehomeable cats euthanased rose to 812 after a drop in 2011.The number of rehomable rabbits euthanased increased to 234.

Oh, they were euthanased, not murdered for no apparent reason. That’s alright then.

If that’s not the definition of hypocrisy, telling off other people for the way they kill their food, whilst killing animals for NO REASON WHATSOEVER, other than cost and space, I don’t know what is.

So, as Baz Luhrman said, “Beware whose advice you buy”. The RSPCA is not an appropriate arbiter on the killing of animals, and should shut up and put its own house in order before condemning others.