Gaza and Israel – my opinion

Well, specifically, my opinion on the so-called celebrities who think they know enough to pontificate on the subject.

My best friend is a Muslim and we have finally, after 17 years, discovered something we disagree on. She defaults to favour Gaza, presumably because they are Muslims. I am supposed to default to Israel, because I’m Jewish. But I have been taking a look at both sides and I’m sick and tired of everyone involved, on both sides.

Hamas fire between 50 and 100 bombs into Israel EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE YEAR. They just don’t hit people very often because Israel spends billions on defence systems, air raid shelters and sirens. It’s called the 15 SECOND WARNING. These people RUN FOR THEIR LIVES SEVERAL TIMES A DAY.

Every six months or so, the Israeli Government decides they’ve had enough of this and fires back. And the whole world immediately comes down on them like a tonne of bricks, calling them all sorts of names and alleging all sorts of horrors.

Well, if you think it’s okay having bombs rained down on you and your children daily, you go and live there, and then I’ll be interested in your opinion. In the meantime, the world needs to grow up and stop judging this conflict by who is the better shot. When the British bombed Dresden they killed more people in one raid than the entire Blitz put together. But no one decided that made them the bad guys. It’s pathetic, as is every trumped up celebrity who thinks they know enough to comment.