Bad science

I am getting increasingly tired of bad science that is cropping up with worrying regularity these days.

A few years ago, an article appeared announcing that ingrown toenails are genetically hereditary.


Ask any podiatrist or chiropodist and they will tell you that it is how you cut your toenails and care for them and the footwear you put on that determine whether a toenail grows in or not.

Who teaches you how to cut your toenails and choose your shoes? Your parents. No genetics required. You’ve just inherited/ been taught bad habits.

Now today we have an equally preposterous announcement that a proclivity to commit sexual offences is genetic and hereditary.

Again, poppycock.

Who teaches you your attitudes towards women? YOUR PARENTS. So if you are taught that women are objects to be used and abused, the chances are your brothers heard the same thing.

When are we going to stop trying to blame everything on genes and admit that, actually, some stuff we learned from our parents was wrong?


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